Review: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

A few nights ago, I watched a documentary entitled Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It is about a man from Australia who finds himself very overweight and afflicted with a rare autoimmune condition, and finally decides to do something about it. He went on a 60 day vegetable/fruit juice fast and travelled around America while he did it. The film also documents the story of two other individuals as they do a juice fast, a lady for a week and a man for 60 days. The lady does it to get rid of her headaches, and the man, whom the Australian met at a truck stop, has the same condition as he does and wants to lose a lot of weight to gain his life and health back.

The stories of all three of these individuals are inspiring. The lady has a dramatic reduction in the frequency and severity of her migraines, and the two men lose a ton of weight, get off of all their medications, and motivate scores of people to make a positive change in their lives to regain their health.

While the fast/diet in this film is not necessarily primal because of the large intake of fruit juice it prescribes, absolutely no fats or meats, and decent amounts of legumes and soy, I find it very inspirational because it highlights the ability of clean food to cure our bodies. These people realized they had a problem, got the internal motivation to do something about it, and made positive, long-term changes in their diet and lifestyle in order to live a healthier life.

So they aren’t 100% primal, so what? Their companion website, Join The Reboot, tries to get people off of processed foods, and to get people to eat more real foods and less whole grains. This is a big win in my book. A huge step in the right direction.

If doing a juice fast is what break’s someone’s addiction to grains or junk food and motivates a permanent change in their lifestyle, more power to them. I am not going to criticize them for eating a lot of sugar in the form of fruit or still eating grains on occasion. While not perfect from a primal/paleo perspective, a the folks over at Join The Reboot are fellow travelers. Give this film a watch.


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Web consultant, photographer, and problem solver. I also cook a lot and am learning to make data visualizations.
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