A solution for the difficulty of eating Primal

Possibly the hardest (and only hard?) part about eating primal is that it can be pretty extreme. No cheats allowed. I know, I know, there’s the 80/20 rule, and that is good and helpful. It was for me as I was getting into this. But now, as I keep learning more, there’s little point in cheating, especially, as Robb Wolf emphasizes if the cheat involves gluten.  I’ve suffered too.  If I have even a little bit my body will tell me about it!   Other diets are likely way easier simply due to convenience and they allow processed foods.

Okay, so all that said, here is a tip to overcome the roadblock presented us in the difficulty:  Find others to be primal with.  

Might be roommates, people across the country, or a group in your town.  If there are others who can hold you accountable and encourage you you’ll have a much easier time at it.  Chuck Grimmett was super helpful for me when I was just getting started.  He really threw down the gauntlet: no grains for 30 days, pure primal. Dang, ok man, lets do it!

This Saturday I’m planning on going on a hike with an Atlanta Primal/Paleo meet-up group.   You might look around your area for a local meet-up.

Who do you know that can keep you accountable and you can trade ideas with?

About Staffaction

If I ever write a memoirs it will be called "From Podunk to Poland to Pakistan"...so says a good friend of mine anyway. I'm from a small town in Michigan and enjoy world travel. I'm a Christian, advocate for liberty, enjoy real food, and barefoot runs. I studied economics and now work full time for a missions organization as a link between US churches and overseas schools and churches, serving indigenous pastors by discipling and teaching them so they can teach others.
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One Response to A solution for the difficulty of eating Primal

  1. Chuck Grimmett says:

    Thanks, Ben! I don’t think I would have followed through with it if you hadn’t agreed to go through it with me. Thank you!

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