Weekend Challenge: Cook Something New

Primal friends,

This week, the challenge is to cook something new. This idea was brought to be by Bob Ewing.

Why? We can all stand to expand our cooking repertoire and incorporate new nutritious foods into our diets.

How? You can go the traditional route or the adventurous route.
Traditional: Pick up that paleo/primal cookbook you got for Christmas, select something delicious out of it, go buy the ingredients, and make a meal. You can also also go to great online recipe resources like Nom Nom Paleo or The Primal Palate and do the same thing.
Adventurous: Go to a store to which you normally don’t go, buy some fresh ingredients you’ve never cooked with before, then go home and experiment.

My plan: I just moved to New York this past Monday, so I am going to a huge grocery store about twenty minutes away to stock up on supplies. I am going to pick some things I’ve never cooked with before (and hopefully things I’ve never heard of!), then come home and see what I can create. If it goes well, I will have a recipe for you next week.

Have a great weekend!


About Chuck Grimmett

Web consultant, photographer, and problem solver. I also cook a lot and am learning to make data visualizations.
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2 Responses to Weekend Challenge: Cook Something New

  1. chebridget says:

    I made lamb chops with roasted beets and steamed brussels sprouts!

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