Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

It is 2012!  Many people are ushering in the new year with resolutions. Are you?

If you are, I have some tips for you on how you can beat the Standard American Statistics on keeping your resolution. (Of course, I’d love if your resolution were to go primal for 2012, but feel free to use these tips for other goals, too.)

First, write down your resolutions. Next, write down the answer to the following questions for each goal you wrote down:

  1. Why do I want to reach this resolution?
  2. How will fulfilling this resolution make a positive change in my life?
  3. What is the biggest benefit to fulfilling this resolution?

Next, find someone with a similar resolution so that you can keep each other accountable, share tips, and encourage each other. Ben Stafford and I did this when we first took the primal challenge back in August. It helps!

Make changes in the way you do things to make it easier to fulfill your resolution. If you want to work out in the mornings a few days a week but have a difficult time getting out of bed to do so, move your alarm clock across the room and out your workout clothes next to your alarm. If you want to cut grains out of your diet, make a hard rule, get rid of all of the grains in your pantry, and go shopping for primal snacks to turn to when you feel like you are going to stumble.  If you know your downfall is the doughnuts that are in the office every Friday, bring in a primal treat for yourself each Friday.

If your resolution is to save more money, log in to your online bank account this instant and set up an automatic monthly transfer to a savings account. That way, you have no say in the matter after right now. You will save money automatically. The problem with doing it manually each month is that you might choose not to do it, based upon your passions at the moment. Setting up a system to make sure the saving happens is your best bet.

If you want some help with finding ways to make fulfilling your resolutions easier, leave a comment. I am more than willing to chat with you about these things and help you find changes to make.

Evaluate yourself on your resolutions every night. Answer these two questions every night until your resolution becomes a habit. You will amazed by how these two questions keep you on track. (h/t Ben Stafford)
1. What did I do today to move me towards my resolutions?
2. If I could do the day over, what would I do differently?

Do you have any tips to help people keep their resolutions? Post them in the comments, please!


About Chuck Grimmett

Web consultant, photographer, and problem solver. I also cook a lot and am learning to make data visualizations.
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