I love butter, but too much of it can give me problems. The solution? Ghee, or clarified butter, which is just butter without the milk solids (aka casein). Another benefit is its higher smoke point, meaning it can be used for higher heat cooking.

Some popular brands of Ghee are Purity Farms (which I have seen at Whole Foods) and Pure Indian Foods.

You can also make your own! I’ve given it a shot a few times by slowly boiling a few bricks of Kerrygold unsalted butter and straining the resulting milk solids. It hasn’t yet come out as good as the store-bought ghee, but it’s still delicious.

Milk solids rising

The finished product

If you haven’t yet cooked with ghee, you’re missing out. Buy a jar or make your own!

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2 Responses to Ghee-licious!

  1. Great suggestion! I have been meaning to try ghee for a while now, but they don’t sell it anywhere nearby. I’ll try making a batch sometime this weekend!

    I have been using coconut oil, and while it is great, I don’t really want the coconut taste on everything I make….

  2. Scott Ewing says:

    In addition to it’s great taste, ghee also has one of the highest smoke points for a cooking fat/oil. This makes it perfect for the frying pan, especially for pan searing meats!

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