I was inspired by Chuck’s last post, and since I have also been slipping recently, I decided to try Intermittent Fasting for the first time today. Really, i’ve done this before without even realizing it: during college I would frequently not eat during the day. However at that time my dinner choices were not so sensible. I ate my last meal at 7PM last night, then fasted all day today until 7pm. I also read an interesting article on the different interpretations of I.F. What are your thoughts? Have you tried fasting?



About chebridget

I love food! I love to cook, try new restaurants, read books about food, talk about food and throw dinner parties. I also enjoy jogging, hiking, camping and traveling. I work 9-5 in a cubicle, so it's important to me that I spend the rest of the day doing what I love, which is cooking, spending time outdoors with friends, and doing musical theatre in my community. Going primal is going to be a challenge for me due to my love of all things dessert, but I'm excited to see what new recipes I can come up with.
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2 Responses to I.F.

  1. paleojoe says:

    Fasting is great. I remember having difficulty at first, but now it’s second nature. I eat when hungry, which is usually only once per day at dinner time. It also saves lots of time and money (fewer meals to prepare). If you find yourself having trouble with it, eat more fat!

  2. Bob Ewing says:

    I’ve tried IF on occasion over the years. I wrestled for six years back in my school days and would have to cut weight by skipping meals. It prepared me well for IF, and I find it can be a useful strategy to incorporate. Robb Wolf has said not to focus on it until you get everything else under control, particularly the sleeping, so I’ve been taking that to heart. However, an occasional IF thown into mix to help keep you on track sounds like a good idea. Let us know the results!

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