Weekend Challenge: Eat 100% Primal

Things are pretty hectic right now. I am a student and today was the last day of classes. In the past 5 days I’ve had two exams, two papers, and three final assignments/projects to complete, as study for my finals, which start tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I’ve let my diet slip amongst all of this. I’m feeling pretty sluggish because of it.

How about you? Are the year-end or holiday stresses getting to you? Or is your “20%” more like 50-60%? If so, I challenge you to eat 100% primal this weekend. Eat only meat, veggies, nuts, berries, and water. Avoid everything else. Use this as a booster to get back on track with your diet and let your gut heal.

Are you already on top of your diet and didn’t slip like the rest of us? Pick another area of  your life where you are slipping and get back on track.

Have a healthy, energetic weekend!

About Chuck Grimmett

Web consultant, photographer, and problem solver. I also cook a lot and am learning to make data visualizations.
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5 Responses to Weekend Challenge: Eat 100% Primal

  1. Staffaction says:

    you got it man!

    I heard something on the Paleo Solution podcast that was a good motivator for me – Apparently the gut can be inflamed for ~10 days with a single exposure to (processed) grains. Yikes! It was good to learn that though because now I know if I eat grains once, that’s like eating them for ten days!

  2. davidisfat says:

    I’m in. Good luck Chuck.


  3. Bob Ewing says:

    Antonie and I ended up doing two holiday parties this weekend. We drank at the first and had some dessert at the second. We’re refocusing our efforts though!

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