Why Primal?

Being an analytical person most everything in my life has a reason.  I try to be careful, and purposeful about virtually everything I put myself too.  This includes how I eat, sleep, and otherwise play.  To do something that is quite against pop culture – such as “go primal” – one better have some reasons as well, else it will only be a quick fad.

So I encourage you – if you don’t have any reasons why, if you’re thinking of just diving in, don’t.  Figure out first why you would eat primal. You’ll likely stick with it.

Ok, so why did I (in August, with Chuck Grimmett) decide to go primal?  Why even care about this stuff at all.  In the short run, it really is easier to just go along with the herd. So why make the extra effort to avoid processed foods, get enough sleep, and play?

1.  Spiritual reasons – I care about my body because I believe it is the temple of God.  That being the case, I ought not to trash it with junk.  Likewise, I also believe humans are made in the image of God. Given this, I should take care of my body so that I can live to my full potential (i.e. not be dragged down by degenerative diseases, headaches, sluggishness, etc.).

2.  What I do to and with my body now is a long term investment. Being 26, I imagine I probably have close to a hundred years left on this planet.  So, just as it is smart to put away funds now and invest for the long term future, it is smart to treat the body well now – even if it costs a bit more – so that it will remain strong and healthy for many, many years.  That’s putting it lightly. It’s absolutely incredible how lean muscle mass is an aid to the body during times of weakness like cancer or other sickness.  I figure, I’d rather spend more now (not sure that I really am, though a post for another day), than spend thousands upon thousands later in life due to degenerative diseases antibiotics, prescriptions, etc.  When I realize I am “saving for my future” it is much easier to make the small financial and time commitments now.

3.  Common Sense – Simply on an intuitive level, eating food that has dozens upon dozens of ingredients, most of which appear to have come from a Dow Chemical plant doesn’t seem right.  The grocery stores – thanks to a market economy – are absolutely full of a variety of natural foods.  Why go for something manufactured (not that I never did, or do) over what is already naturally on the earth for us?

That was all before Primal….what my mind was thinking, how it was ready for the logic.  There are additional reasons now and I’ll discuss those later.  My next post will be on my first introductions to healthy eating towards where I am now.


About Staffaction

If I ever write a memoirs it will be called "From Podunk to Poland to Pakistan"...so says a good friend of mine anyway. I'm from a small town in Michigan and enjoy world travel. I'm a Christian, advocate for liberty, enjoy real food, and barefoot runs. I studied economics and now work full time for a missions organization as a link between US churches and overseas schools and churches, serving indigenous pastors by discipling and teaching them so they can teach others.
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One Response to Why Primal?

  1. Jim Purdy says:

    “Simply on an intuitive level, eating food that has dozens upon dozens of ingredients, most of which appear to have come from a Dow Chemical plant doesn’t seem right. ”

    That sums it up pretty well.

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