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Hey everyone!  My name is Mark and I’m doing the primal challenge for the next month (and hopefully forever!).  I did the primal diet 5 years ago and had tremendous results.  To put it in perspective, I lost over 30 pounds in about 3 months.  I know the first week will be hard, but I’ll be feeling great soon enough.

This morning I had eggs, sausage, and mushrooms.

For lunch I’m going to have lamb over lettuce and onions.

For dinner I will have salad and steak.

Thanks for reading!


p.s. Do you have any advice in particular for me?  Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated!

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  1. geezerguy46 says:

    Hey Mark! Welcome to the Primal Challenge! It sound like you are making some good food choices already. I found it helpful to remove from the house, as much of the old, not primal foods that were clogging our pantry & frig. However, the most important aid for me was to LOG EVERY BITE I PUT INTO MY MOUTH. For me, this turned out to be the key that controlled my MINDLESS EATING. I started with a pad & paper but quickly “went tech” with an app called “Lose-It” that I use on my phone…. very easy and works well for me. This app allows me to closely monitor WHAT I eat, HOW MUCH I eat, and nicely summerizes the MAJOR NUTRIENTS I have consumed to ensure I have the correct amount and right proportions of all the essentials for the day (fat, carbs, protein, fiber, etc). GOOD LUCK!

  2. StaffAction says:

    I completely agree with geezerguy46 – get non primal foods out of the house. This is a huge help for me otherwise I”d be junking out every time hunger calls.

  3. Bob Ewing says:

    Welcome to the challenge Mark! Here’s five suggestions:

    1. Today, buy Mark Sisson’s 21 Day Total Body Transformation. It’s brand new, on super sale at amazon right now, and does a fantastic job of walking you through everything it takes to get started.

    2. Today, print up the Primal Blueprint PDF and post it on your frig (or where ever you deem appropriate). Post one at work too if you like.

    3. Today, like Geezer Guy and Staff Action suggest, go through your apt and office and toss anything that’s off limits. You can always bring the food to work, or bring the food to a food shelter.

    4. In the next few days, take your measurements. In particular, the photos, weight & WHR:

    5. In the next few days, think about your ultimate goal. Is it to weigh a certain amount? To look a certain way? To participate in a certain event? Figure out your dream goal, and then post it somewhere so you can think about it often and start planning smaller, intermediate goals on how you will achieve it.

    Again, welcome to the Primal Challenge and good luck!


  4. Chuck Grimmett says:

    Welcome, Mark!

    I agree with the advice above.

    I’d like to add this: Make getting good sleep a priority. It is a must for losing weight, gaining muscle, and decreasing stress. Move things around if you have to. Sleep is a must.

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