My Response to Chuck’s Weekend Challenge

Last week one of my good climbing buddies, Jeff, found out that he was going to Nevada for a work meeting.   As it turns out, the meeting was an hour outside of Red Rock Canyon, home to some of the best rock climbing in the United States.

He asked me if I’d like to join him.  Fly out to Vegas, stay in cheap motels & get in some awesome multi-pitch climbing.   It was too-good-a-deal to pass up.   So I flew out to Vegas, met up with him, and we had a blast climbing in the Red Rocks.

Here’s a quick clip that Jeff shot on a route we climbed called Tunnel Vision:

I didn’t have great access to the Internet, but I was able to stay updated on the Primal Challenge.  And this past Friday Chuck had a great post on setting a fitness goal.  I thought about it a lot while I was out in Nevada.   When you climb long multi-pitch routes, you have much time to yourself on belay ledges.   I kept thinking to myself, how should I answer that question?

I already have a couple running goals for 2012.  Me and my buddy (and co-worker) Bob McNamara both want to break a 5-minute mile and break a 17:30 5k.  Basically, he wants to break his high school running times, and I want to join him.   Right now we’re at 5:27 for the mile and a little over 18 for the 5k.

While I was out in the Red Rock Canyon, I was thinking, so what other fitness goals should I come up with?   I realized that I really like having fitness goals that involve other people.   And two of my favorite people to exercise with are Antonie and my brother Scott.

Antonie is becoming an excellent climber, and we’re buying a car in a few weeks so we’ll be able to do a bunch of climbing outside next year.   So I decided that one of my fitness goals for next year will be to climb 100 pitches outside with Antonie.

As for Scott, we’re going to run the DC Rock & Roll marathon together in March.  Earlier this year we did the spring DC marathon together and had a blast.   He wore his Vibram Five Fingers and I went barefoot.   I didn’t train well, though, and our time was quite slow.  Over 5 hours.   This fall I did the DC MCM marathon in 4:06.   So I was thinking, a fun goal to share with Scott is to run the spring marathon together in under 4 hours.   He’ll be in his VFFs, and I’ll be barefoot.

  • Fitness Goal #1: Climb 100 pitches outside with Antonie in 2012. 
  • Fitness Goal #2: Run the DC Rock & Roll Marathon on 17 March 2012 barefoot with Scott in under 4 hours.  

Both goals are challenging, but obtainable.   Both will be fun to work towards, and goals that Scott, Antonie and me can chat about and look forward to during the winter months. And thankfully, Antonie and Scott both have agreed to shoot for these goals with me.

The other day Isaac Reese came into my office and said that he was thinking about doing a half-ironman in May and asked if I’d be interested.  My immediate thought was, absolutely, let’s do it!   But then I thought about Chuck’s post, and how I’d been noodling the idea of climbing 100 pitches outside with Antonie, and running a sub-4-hour barefoot marathon with Scott.   And I realized that if I want to achieve these goals, I have to invest a good chunk of my exercise time towards achieving them.

A half-ironman is a serious commitment, and training for one would mean that much of my free time would be spent swimming and biking instead of climbing and running.   So I told Isaac that I may not be up for the triathlon.  I want to accomplish my two fitness goals outlined above, and that means logging lots of time climbing and running around outside.

Even though Chuck’s post is less than a week old, it’s already shifted my thinking about how I’m going to spend 2012.   Pretty cool.   Thanks Chuck!

About Bob Ewing

On twitter @DCBarefootRun. Media guy for libertarian law firm by day, primal/paleo (rocking climbing, BJJ, barefooter) by, well, lunchtime...
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One Response to My Response to Chuck’s Weekend Challenge

  1. This is awesome, Bob. You are an inspiration!

    Keep doing cool things 🙂

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