Greetings, everyone. Bob Ewing and Chuck Grimmett graciously invited me to be a weekly blogger here at the Primal challenge and I am looking forward to taking part. My first post will be much more of an introduction.

I am not expert an expert on this stuff but an eager learner, like many of you and the other writers on this site. In fact, it’s thanks to Chuck Grimmett, Bob Ewing, and Antonie Hodge that I started taking primal seriously.

I’m in my mid-twenties, living in Atlanta, working for an international Christian missions organization, Training Leaders International. I’ve always been relatively healthy, and a runner/hiker at heart. Today I take primal seriously and enjoy barefoot running.  I plan for the next handful of posts (every Thursday) to introduce where I’ve come from in terms of exercise and diet and how/why I got to where I am now.

First I will look at why be concerned about health, first introductions to real healthy eating (i.e. not what the government or vested interests have to say), doing some experimenting myself, and finally being introduced to this stuff by Bob and Antonie.

Thanks to Bob and Chuck for inviting me here. I trust you all will find my input helpful.


About Staffaction

If I ever write a memoirs it will be called "From Podunk to Poland to Pakistan" says a good friend of mine anyway. I'm from a small town in Michigan and enjoy world travel. I'm a Christian, advocate for liberty, enjoy real food, and barefoot runs. I studied economics and now work full time for a missions organization as a link between US churches and overseas schools and churches, serving indigenous pastors by discipling and teaching them so they can teach others.
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3 Responses to Introductions

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Welcome! We’re all excited to have you on board Ben, and look forward to reading your posts.

  2. scottdworkin says:

    we look forward to you joining! cheers, scott

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