When I first started doing pale, back in July, I thought it might have been a coincidence that my heartburn was gone. It’s not like I suffer of a bad case of heartburn, it’s just a bit uncomfortable. Every now and then, I have some acid reflux, and that’s where it gets annoying.

After my 30 days of primal, I fell back to my old ways, munching on grains. With the carbs, came back my heartburn. Now, having started doing pale again, I can draw a clear connection between my carb consumption and the uncomfortable heartburns. Just like magic, once I reduced my grain intake the symptoms pretty much vanished.

I did some research on the subject, and Mark Sisson has a very interesting post about the subject. Apparently he suffered from GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) back when he was an endurance athlete. Just like me, and many of his blog readers, Mark found out that cutting grains from his diet was the solution to his problems.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of research out there looking at the connection between grains and heartburn. But if you take into consideration Robb Wolfs argument that our organism is not evolved enough to properly digest grains, and how they cause several health problems, it kind of makes sense.

I wonder how many other health problems could be solved by simply changing our diets. How about you? Did you notice any improvement to health problems after going primal?

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5 Responses to Heartburn!

  1. paleojoe says:

    I never get sick, my fatigue issues have nearly vanished, and I constantly feel like expending energy (which is rather difficult considering I work in a cubicle). I used to avoid the outdoors, now I get antsy when I’m stuck inside. Overall, I just feel better.

  2. It sounds like you are getting along well with going primal! (Thanks for the MDA link, by the way. Interesting read!)

    I’ve been primal since the beginning of August and the biggest quality of life improvement is that my heartburn is gone, too. I’ve had heartburn at least 4 days a week (sometimes all 7) since I was 6 years old. I would eat Tums like it was my job and I always had some nearby. I switched to taking ranitidine a few years ago, but even this amounted to treating my symptoms but not the cause. After about two weeks of cutting out grains entirely, my heartburn was gone.

    If this was the only benefit of going primal, I would still think it was worth it. That is how much better things are without heartburn. Fortunately, I’ve lost weight and inches around my waist, I have more sustained energy, and I haven’t even had a cold yet at college. Normally, I would have been sick by now, or at least have had a few colds. Eating right, sleeping right, and managing my stress has worked wonders for my life.

  3. Bob Ewing says:

    Awesome to hear Fernando! I haven’t had much issue with heartburn, but between your post and the comments — plus the MDA link — it sounds like primal is a pretty effective way to treat it. Keep it up!

  4. scottdworkin says:

    It’s been one week solid and I haven’t felt better in a decade. I think you make a great point! People become comfortable with being uncomfortable!

  5. Scott, I think you’ve got it right. We get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is great to hear how much everyone has benefited from going paleo!

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