I’m on a roll with blog posts today.

I recently got a new phone, an iPhone. The phone itself is alright, but what is really cool is that it gives me access to a ton of different apps, and that’s what I’ll be talking about.

I have been using Livestrong, an app that makes it easy to keep track of what I eat, and I really enjoy it. It is meant to be used by the calories-counting people, but it is really useful for anyone trying to lose weight. It lists the nutritional information for several food items, including the menus of famous eateries.

When I started reading the Primal Blueprint, I wanted to keep tab of how many carbs I was eating every day, but had no clue how to do that. With this app, I can do all that with very little effort.

I definitely recommend it. I know its available for androids and iphones, but maybe they also have it for blackberries and whatever else is out there. It’s worth checking it out. I paid the small fee to use it, but I am pretty sure they also have a free, lite version, that you can download, so test it out yourself!

On a side note: Jawbone, a big bluetooth headsets manufacturer, is coming out with a pretty cool new product. It’s called UP and it’s a little wrist band that keep track of your activity, movement and sleep.

More about it over here:



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2 Responses to Technology

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Thanks for sharing this Fernando! Do you record everything you eat?

  2. I try to. The main problem that I have is that it works best for people who eat out a lot. When I make my own food, I find myself kind of guessing what option in the app would be the most similar to what I had, and that’s kind of annoying

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