Time to Re-up

Good morning! I am coming up on my 30 days, and I’ve already decided to try 30 more. I’ve been reflecting, so I thought I would share my thoughts. First I should disclose that when I started this challenge, I was probably in, or close to the best shape I have been in my life thus far. I’ve always been active. I’ve always read labels and stopped eating trans fat in high school, stopped consuming corn syrup in college, began eating organic and local meat, dairy and produce after college, and have always given health a high priority. I’m 28, and did my first 3 races this year: Cleveland Half Marathon, Warrior Dash and Towpath 10K.  Previously, I trained by jogging long distances frequently, running intervals (periods of jogging and sprinting) once a week, and eating tons of whole grains – no high processed carbs (dessert being a huge exception). I did 80/20 for about 21 days before the Towpath 10K, and this was by far the strongest run I’ve had. I did not even train for it – I only did 1-3 miles of sprinting, walking and jogging a handful of times. While I did not lose any weight or inches in my 30 days, I was actually not trying very hard to – and I really am not sure how much weight I should lose (My BMI and waist-to-hip are in a healthy range). However I also did not gain any weight, and I know that I have been eating more total calories than before. I’ve been eating lots of nuts and fruit so I know I have not gotten my carbs down to the weight loss sweet spot yet. This time around, I am going to try to eat a little differently, aim for 90/10 or better, and exercise a little bit more. How have the rest of the challengers been doing?


About chebridget

I love food! I love to cook, try new restaurants, read books about food, talk about food and throw dinner parties. I also enjoy jogging, hiking, camping and traveling. I work 9-5 in a cubicle, so it's important to me that I spend the rest of the day doing what I love, which is cooking, spending time outdoors with friends, and doing musical theatre in my community. Going primal is going to be a challenge for me due to my love of all things dessert, but I'm excited to see what new recipes I can come up with.
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4 Responses to Time to Re-up

  1. Scott Ewing says:

    Cleveland Half Marathon, Warrior Dash and Towpath 10K are your first three races? Damn, way to raise the bar from the get-go 🙂 What are you planning on doing for more exercise?

  2. Bob Ewing says:

    Wow, you’re really kicking butt Bridget! I’m so happy you’ve joined us here. Your recipes in particular have been such an inspiration. I’m delighted to hear that you’ll continue for another 30 days, and hopefully this means many more Bridget recipes to come!

    To answer your question, I’ve been doing great. I went 100% for September and felt great. More than anything, I think it made my mind stronger. I realized that I can do it without any cheating, and felt very strong at the end. October began with a climbing trip in West Virginia, and we did have some pizza. We also ate the worst meal ever at a super shitty restaurant, which made me feel sick and long for the comfort of my apartment and quality primal eating!

  3. geezerguy46 says:

    Bridget, you were an inspiration… even BEFORE you went Primal! Looks like you got it down on the eating and activity, how bout those other five principles? And, how’s the theater thing going?

  4. Great job, Bridget! Congrats on the 30 days of success! It is also great to hear you are sticking with it.

    From what you’ve written, it looks like you have your exercise in much better shape than I do. That is something I need to work on. I’ve been primal for 2 1/2 months, with this past month being 100% 6 days a week and 80/20 one day a week.

    Also, nice work on the recipes you’ve been posting. Keep up the good work!

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