Friday’s Primal Success Story: Judy beats acne

In the past, Judy and her fiance Kev regularly dined on fast food, carbs, pizza, etc.  A few months back, Judy decided to follow Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint with positive results, but she still struggled with nagging acne that’s been a constant battle for her since she was 11 years old.  She decided to follow Whole30 created by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, which is a version of living Primal that removed dairy from Judy’s diet and eliminated any cheat foods.  The result?  Judy’s lost weight, but in her mind the most important part of her new diet & lifestyle is that she feels great!

The biggest change for her: her acne!  Her face has never been as clear, and she hasn’t had to use powerful antibiotics since she started living Primal using the Whole30 program.

Check out the full story on Judy’s blog or over at Whole9Life.

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3 Responses to Friday’s Primal Success Story: Judy beats acne

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Powerful pictures. Do you have any idea what the success rate is for treating acne with paleo? That number would be fantastic to have. There’s so much money and discomfort associated with acne and acne treatment. If paleo has a high success rate, that is 1. badass 2. a great opportunity to get lots more folks on board.

  2. Scott Ewing says:

    Loren Cordain, author of ‘The Paleo Diet’ and generally considered the father of Paleolithic/Evolutionary nutrition, published a book called ‘The Dietary Cure for Acne’ which uses 174 scientific references to show that a paleo/primal diet will begin to clear up your skin in 30 days or less. It’s received several positive reviews on, but I’m not sure if anyone’s compiled the success rate. In addition, Mark Sisson wrote a great post on his website that gives primal advice for acne sufferers:

  3. Primal Toad says:

    Congrats! Primal also healed my acne. When I eat junk or dairy it comes back. There is a STRONG connection between dairy and acne but dermatologists don’t want you to know that!

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