This IS Life Changing!

In high school I was an athlete.  For many years after I was in pretty good shape.   But slowly, over time, things changed. And then one day I was a 52-year-old obese man. The picture below is from February 2010.   I was in San Diego, on vacation with my daughter Sarah.  I was feeling lethargic. Just walking was a challenge. I didn’t want to do anything.   I gained a lot of weight over the winter, like I always do, and San Diego was my low point.  When I got home and found a scale capable of measuring my weight,  I wanted to cry:  357 pounds.

How did this get so out of hand?

February 2010, San Diego: Curt Ewing, Sarah Ewing

I have been on the diet roller coaster for years. And every year it’s the same old story: Lose some weight in the summer, but gain it all back and then some in the winter.

So after San Diego I told myself:  enough is enough.   I’m going to get back into shape.  I started with short walks and making small changes to my diet —  I quit taking cream in my coffee,  cut down on the pop and junk food.  Stuff like that.   And I consciously tried to eat less.

I continued to lose weight throughout the year, but then I gained most of it back this past winter.  It took over a year to lose 30 pounds.

On July 1 when I started The Primal Challenge, I was 327lbs.  My nephews (and one of their girlfriends) created this blog to encourage me and others to go primal for 30 days.  I agreed.  I cleaned out my pantry and went at this new diet with everything I had.

And when the month was up, I wrote this:

[O]n Aug 1st 2011,  I am beginning to feel like there’s a chance that I could actually go rafting or sky diving again if I can keep going. So as of this morning, I lost 13 lbs in July and about 20 in roughly 6 weeks of this crazy caveman dieting….

Challenge over, but I’m thinking I’m having too much fun to stop now.  So, I am challenging myself to another month of this. (At least) After all, My fridge and my food cabinet have all been “paleotized.”  Enough rambling- My dog is waiting for the morning walk.

Thanks for the challenge and all of the support!

Earlier this month I joined Mark Sisson’s 30-Day Challenge.   Of course, it’s simply a continuation of what I’ve been doing.  This past Sunday, I was at a party for my daughter Sarah’s grandparents’ anniversary.   There was a ton of food:  pizza and pasta and pasta salad and all kinds of cake and cookies and crap like that.   But there was a vegetable tray.   And so my dinner that day was carrots, celery, green peppers and cucumbers.   This is a picture that was snapped of me and Sarah’s cousin from that party:

September 2011

My current weight is 298.  For the first time in forever, I weigh less than 300lbs!

This time last year, walking up or down steps was a problem.  Now they are a breeze.

-Primal side effect:  No more headaches!
I’ve had chronic headaches for the past several years.   I get headaches so bad I need an ice pack and Advil.  An employee used to say to me:  “I’ve never met anyone who gets so many headaches.” 

Well, I haven’t had a single headache in over two months. I am pretty sure they were caused by sugar, grains or dairy.

My mind is strong now.   I crave healthy foods instead of junk foods.

The Unconquerable Dave inspired me because he lost a ton of weight, and got in great shape, and he’s not a young guy.  I want to do what he did.

Of course, the real test is coming up. Every winter I’ve gained weight.   I may need some support in the coming months, but I have new confidence. I have a different mind-set,
a ton of momentum, and an army of supporters.

This winter is going to be different…….. Bring it on.

Stay tuned.

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20 Responses to This IS Life Changing!

  1. davidisfat says:

    Wow..what an inspiring and amazing story Curt. Congratulations on the transformation as well. You’re looking allot stronger and years younger.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Bob Ewing says:

    Awesome post Uncle Curt! You’re already an inspiration! Keep it going.

  3. Chuck Grimmett says:

    Congratulations! Great work! You are an inspiration to others. I already got my Dad to do the Primal Challenge in October, so I will send him your story. Your story is similar to his, so I am sure he will get some inspiration from it.

    As a side note: I see the Ohio State hat. Are you an Ohioan? I am from Amherst, on the west side of Cleveland.

  4. Curt, I’m also an Unconquerable Dave fan, and I just had to comment about the headaches. Like you, I’ve been suffering from incessant headaches, often migraines, with nothing really helping. I know the ice pack & pain killer route well! When I started messing about with the Primal Blueprint, my headaches drastically improved, and now that I’m FULL-OUT, GOING-ALL-THE-WAY participating in Mark’s Challenge, I’m looking forward to getting them out of the way completely. Reading your story has inspired me anew!

  5. Scott Ewing says:

    Alright Uncle Curt, this is the winter of not gaining weight… Because we need to do a group rafting trip next spring. Let’s do it!!

  6. geezerguy46 says:

    Way to go, Bro!
    I am so proud of the determination you are showing and the results you are achieving!
    Your improving physical condition was so obvious to Brother Steve and me when
    YOU WHOOPED US SO SOUNDLY in this year’s CherryWood Golf Tournament!
    Keep on trucking (cause you are pulling a lot of us along with you!).

  7. scottdworkin says:

    wow curt this is amazing!

  8. Way to go! Keep up the great work!!

  9. Way to go, Curt! It’s awesome to literally be able to see this kind of improvement in someone’s life, and even better to read about how much better you’re feeling. Keep it up, because you’re owning this lifestyle and clearly inspiring others.

  10. chebridget says:

    Curt you look great in the second photo! I went to a dinner party last night and did the veggie tray thing too – and I brought some grapes and pistachios with me just in case they didn’t have any real food. I’ll be there on Thanksgiving and Christmas to keep you motivated if you’re in town.

  11. Cyndi says:

    You are doing AWESOME Curt! Keep up the great work! I have noticed your dramatic weight loss, like I’ve told you, but, because I see you every day, it’s kind of different. The pictures above really tell the story! I’ve known you for a long time and I know you have the determination to do this!

    You ARE going to keep losing and this winter will be a breeze for you! You can count on me for support if you need it, but I think you’ll do great!

    Keep it up! =)

  12. Meagan says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing and you won’t have any problems in the winter 🙂

  13. Milemom says:

    Curt, I also live in NE Ohio. I am out the door for a run between 4:30 and 5 a.m. all months of the year…YOU CAN stay active all winter. I don’t know what type of workouts you do, or when you do them… but you CAN make it work. And sheesh, if you passed up a whole birthday party full of goodies, your willpower is strong. Well done! (and looking forward to some follow-ups at MDA)

  14. Fellow Buckeye says:

    Ohio State fan; that explains everything. Buckeyes are warriors!

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