Primal Alternatives: Chicken Tacos with Guacamole

Need an alternative to Taco Bell? Try this.

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For some people, giving up their favorite foods is a difficult part of going primal. A downfall of mine is Mexican food, so this is what I did:

-Replaced the tortilla with lettuce (no corn or flour on primal)
-Replaced the rice with asparagus (rice is a grain)
-Replaced the refried or black beans with fresh tomatoes. (legumes are also out on primal)

I also made my own seasoning for the chicken and fresh guacamole. Making fresh food at home is a great way to keep costs down and cut down on the preservatives you eat.

1 poblano pepper
3 tomatoes
2-3 chicken breasts
2 shallots
3 avocados
1 lime
1 bunch of romaine lettuce
cheddar cheese
crushed red pepper
smoked paprika
chili powder
fresh ground black pepper

Here is what to do:
Cut the chicken up in small strips and fry it in your favorite healthy fat. Pick some quality seasonings to spice up the chicken. I used smoked paprika and chili powder. Finely chop one shallot and the poblano pepper and saute them with the chicken. Break off some romaine leaves for your “tortillas” and wash them. Also shred some of the cheddar cheese to top the tacos. (Leave this off if you need to avoid dairy.)

Prepare the guacamole:
Scoop out the insides of the three avocados, cut one tomato and add it in, squeeze the juice of 1/2 of the lime on top, add crushed red pepper and black pepper, then mix together (mashing the avocado) until everything is smooth. Salt to taste.

Prepare the asparagus any way you prefer. I always put it on a cookie sheet in the oven for 15 minutes with  some olive oil drizzled on top. Also cut the tomatoes in either quarters or eighths and grind some black pepper on top.

Primal dessert ideas coming soon.

As a side note, I’ve had great luck with staying primal while eating out at Mexican places. There are many dishes that do not include tortillas (pollo poblano, for example) and I’ve always been able to substitute fresh or grilled veggies for the rice and beans.

What are some of your favorite ways to “primalize” Mexican food? Leave it in the comments! I am always open to trying new things.


About Chuck Grimmett

Web consultant, photographer, and problem solver. I also cook a lot and am learning to make data visualizations.
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3 Responses to Primal Alternatives: Chicken Tacos with Guacamole

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  2. Scott Ewing says:

    Just picked up some smoked paprika for this recipe. Delicious! You should also try some chipolte (smoked chili pepper) seasoning as well if you want that smoky taste with a kick.

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