Infographic: The SAD Standard American Diet

The average American is 36.6 years old and eats 1,996 lbs. of food per year.  That’s about 2,700 calories a day.  On any given week, the average American eats more than half a pound of french fries, a gallon of soda, and close to 4 pounds of flour and cereal products!

Take a minute to study the infographic below.  How does your diet compare?


About Scott Ewing

Primal Blueprint enthusiast living in Chicago. Twitter: @scewing
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7 Responses to Infographic: The SAD Standard American Diet

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    53 GALLONS of soda!?! Wow. That’s terrible. I think my diet a little bit different! Excellent post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Brian says:

    I work with people that drink a gallon a day…YIKES!

    • Scott Ewing says:

      We have free Coke products at work, so there’s definitely ‘Gallon of Soda a Day’ clubbers at my office too 🙂

      • Bob Ewing says:

        That’s impressive. Maybe we should have a separate challenge to see if we can drink a gallon of soda every day for a month??

  3. Where’s the chocolate on that graphic?

  4. Bob Ewing says:

    You know, re-reading this morning, I’m actually impressed that the average American eats so many vegetables. 415 pounds is a lot of veggies.

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