Steve Ewing

Gonna try to give this thing a shake- for the 2nd time. Hard to correct 60 years of unhealthy eating I’ve found, but I truly feel my life is at stake at this point, so here I come!

Joining my local “Paleo Group” on Meetup for support (currently 45 members strong) & reading “the Paleo Solution”, which I find to be intriguing!

Please wish me luck……


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4 Responses to Newbie

  1. traderpaul says:

    Good luck Steve.
    You don’t say why this is the 2nd attempt?
    I’ve been following Mark Sisson’s version of Primal for a few years and found his 80-20 rule gave me some leeway when dark urges strike!

  2. davidisfat says:

    Hi Steve, best of luck on this challenge.


  3. Bob Ewing says:

    Agreed, good luck Steve! You’re going to do great.

  4. Scott Ewing says:

    Dinner last night was a good start! Keep us posted

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