THE JERKY COMETH: 4.5 pounds heading to Michigan tomorrow

I just got done preparing 4.5 pounds of Whole Foods meat — local beef bottom round roast.  My brother Scotty and I are having a beef jerky showdown this weekend in Michigan.   Here’s a glimpse at what I’ve got to offer:

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Nesco Food Dehydrator

Since I don’t have a fancy smoker like Chuck Grimmitt, the meat will be in my dehydrator overnight.  If you don’t have a dehydrator, I totally recommend picking one up on amazon.   I have the Nesco/American Harvest FD-80, based on Scotty’s recommendation, and it happens to be on sale now.

To make healthy and delicious jerky, all you have to do is buy some meat at the grocer, cut it up, toss on some spices and flavoring, and throw it into the deydrator.   Be creative, have fun.  Don’t worry about marinating — that’s a total myth and a waste of time.  Let the dehydrator run overnight, and in the morning you’ll have a bunch of top-notch jerky.

That’s it!

Brownies ~ Greatest Team EVER

How about you?   How do you make your jerky?   Do you have any suggestions or tips??

Antonie and I are driving out to Michigan in the morning because my sister-in-law Colette is having her fourth baby (third daughter) this weekend.  A bunch of family should be there.

My brother John — the father — may be participating in the super jerky showdown too, though we’ll give him a pass if he ends up being too busy.   I imagine he’s got a few other things on his mind.

John and Colette never reveal the name of their kids until after they’re born. But since this baby’s birth was obviously planned to coincide with the Cleveland Browns season opener, my money is on Bernie, Brownie or Mack Attack.

Should be a fun weekend!

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