Welcome our first vegetarian to the Primal Challenge!

We are excited to announce that Mike Callahan has joined us here at the Primal Challenge.   He’s two weeks in already — kicking serious butt — and will soon be contributing to the blog under the name mdcallahan.   Watch for him.

Callahan and I have been buddies for, oh, over 25 years.   Ever since childhood we’ve remained the closest of friends and always will.   Here’s a quick video of us from my birthday last year:

Instead of hitting the bars, Antonie and I decided to celebrate my birthday by meeting with Callahan up in Ithaca NY and spending a long weekend at Michael and Lynn Trotta’s house.   I met the Trotta’s when I lived in NY and they’re amongst the best people I’ve ever come across in my life.   They are masters of living primal and even started the Four Feathers Wilderness Program and the Sagefire Institute.

Sagefire Institute ~ Inner Tracking Course

I wanted to spend my birthday in a truly special way:  Out in the woods with Antonie, Callahan and the Trottas.  We hung out, shot a home-made bow & arrow, hit up the farmers market, hiked through the woods, jumped in a swimming hole, ran barefoot and, cool enough, even did a Sagefire Institute style fire, which is about the best possible way someone can spend their time.    The video above comes from after Antonie, Callahan and I each spent hours alone in the woods tending our own fire, albeit with occasional guidance from one of the Trottas.   It was awesome.

Anyways, Callahan’s been one of my closest buddies forever:  regular football and basketball games outside, amusement parks, parties (middle school to high school through college), countless chess games, music concerts — hell, we even moved out to Iowa after college to work on a libertarian gubernatorial campaign.

So I’m quite excited that he’s gotten involved in the Primal Challenge.   Callahan’s an excellent writer and he’ll add much to this blog.  Plus, I’m totally confident that Mike will get into the best shape of his life.   And, as a vegetarian, he’ll add a unique perspective to the primal community.

Incidentally, Callahan went vegetarian after the two of us listened to Howard Lyman, when Howard stopped in Westlake OH during his Mad Cowboy book tour in the late 90s.

Howard was indeed a powerful speaker, and Mike walked out of that talk and never took a bite of meat again.

As a quick snapshot of the kinds of primal vegetarian meals Callahan is making, check out this picture he posted the other day on facebook:

Please join me in welcoming Callahan to the Primal Challenge!


About Bob Ewing

On twitter @DCBarefootRun. Media guy for libertarian law firm by day, primal/paleo (rocking climbing, BJJ, barefooter) by, well, lunchtime... https://theprimalchallenge.wordpress.com/ http://DCBarefootRun.com
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3 Responses to Welcome our first vegetarian to the Primal Challenge!

  1. geezerguy46 says:

    Welcome Mikey!

  2. davidisfat says:

    Welcome Mike, and good luck.


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