Watch This Movie: Fat Head

Antonie and I watched Fat Head last night, a documentary on health & diet by filmmaker Tom Naughton that is available right now to Watch Instantly on Hulu.  I’ve embedded it below so you can watch without even leaving this page!   Fat Head is, in a word, fantastic:

Keep in mind that the production quality is more along the lines of a guy shooting a high quality YouTube video than a fancy Hollywood blockbuster.   But don’t be misled by the simplicity.  It’s extremely entertaining and Tom just does a masterful job of explaining why we get fat, why the conventional wisdom is wrong, and why Morgan Spurlock from Super Size Me is, well, a douche bag.

As an aside, I think it would be fun if bloggers created a push for Spurlock to release his food log from the month he ate McDonalds.  Apparently he refuses to do it.  Which is curious.  One time I was chatting with a University of Colorado research professor and when the subject of bad research came up, his first example was Super Size Me.   Among the many problems he had with the film, he couldn’t stand that Spurlock took a “sample size of one” and tried to pass it off as a study and then advocate that policy decisions be based on it.

BOTTOM LINE:  Fat Head is absolutely worth watching.   Primal/Paleo enthusiasts, Gary Taubes fans, and libertarians of all stripes will be particularly pleased.

H/T to Jimmy Moore over at Livin La Vida Low Carb.


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On twitter @DCBarefootRun. Media guy for libertarian law firm by day, primal/paleo (rocking climbing, BJJ, barefooter) by, well, lunchtime...
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6 Responses to Watch This Movie: Fat Head

  1. Antonie Hodge says:

    Dare we mention that we ate a bunch of carbs and carb crashed and never finished the video?

  2. Thanks for sharing this, it is a great documentary! It does a great job explaining why grains are so bad for you. Definitely a great way to spread the word and bring people to the primal side.

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