Can cholesterol levels be too low?

I got my blood work back today and it turns out all of my tests came back within normal range, except my cholesterol. It wasn’t high, it was slightly low. It came back at 145 and the normal range is between 150-200 mg/dL.

 Most people know high cholesterol poses health risks including CAD or stroke, but having low cholesterol also poses health risks like depression, which I have encountered in the past, and can even be an indicator for caner if severe enough. I found this article from the Mayo Clinic.


About Mary Csuri

I'm a mom of 4 trying to keep up with her kids! Personal trainer. Lover of calisthenics/street workout. Baker of healthier treats.
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3 Responses to Can cholesterol levels be too low?

  1. Scott Ewing says:

    Great to hear you got your bloodwork – I’ll be interested to hear if you’ll see big changes in LDL / HDL / Triglycerides after a month or so eating Primal. Keep us posted!

  2. Bob Ewing says:

    Nice post Mary! Was there a big difference between HDL and LDL?

  3. mcsuri1 says:

    LDL was 83 (norm 39). Triglycerides were 65 (range 27-150). The one that was low was just listed as Cholesterol.

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