Insulin Crash

One of the biggest advantages of eating primal is the consistent amount of energy throughout the day. In his book, The Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson talks about the importance of controlling the level of insulin in your blood and how eating grains and sugars causes your hormones to go crazy.

I will not go into details of why it is bad to eat junk food, or what goes on in your body, but here is a great post that does exactly that. It is a sad reality, but binge eating carbs happen everyday to millions of Americans. This is a reminder of what fast food does to you.

One of the clerks here in the office, let’s call him Slater, just couldn’t resist the delicious smell of hotcakes in the morning. He came in today with a nice Big Breakfast with Hotcakes, with McButter and McSyrup. 1400 calories, 150 grams of carbs, 40 grams of  sugar, and a few hours later, here is what happens to Slater:

The mainstream way to counter that “2:30 feeling” is to take one of the many energy drinks available in the market. But that’s just treating the symptoms, not the cause. If you are tired of your daily crashes, try going primal for a while.

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3 Responses to Insulin Crash

  1. I very much relate to this and the article at Mark’s Daily Apple. I’ve been doing the primal challenge since the 1st of August, but I decided to eat an Oreo Sundae last night. I thought just once would be okay, right? Besides, I’ve been keeping to the primal diet pretty strictly for the past 17 days. It can’t be so bad, right?

    Wrong. A little while later I started not to feel so well (I am guessing it was the flood of sugar and lactose) and later in the evening I had a crash. My allergies, which have been pretty much gone this whole month, started acting up and my sinuses have been clogged for the past 24 hours now.

    Even thought I did not feel so well, it was a good reminder not to eat that sort of stuff, though. Lesson learned.

  2. davidisfat says:

    I can relate as well…I love home-made ice cream, and I still make it for special occasions. And of course I eat it as well; the first feelings I get after eating it are what seems to be a nervous energy; I get “twitchy” fingers; this lasts for a while, then ultimately I crash. Luckily I’ve developed the self-control to limit my intake to less than 1 cup, and then only on special occasions…twice since March 7.


  3. David, same thing has happened to me when I had ice cream for the first time in a month. I used to splurge on ice cream, now I feel like a spoon of it is almost too much.

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