Friday’s Primal Success Story – David

Principal #5 of the Primal Challenge is to get your basic measurements.  Back in March, David decided to take this idea to a new level.   He had been overweight for most of his life, and in 1997 was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, which contributed to the necessity of a below knee amputation of his right leg in 2001.

Weighing ~290 pounds and tired of numerous diet failures, he wanted to begin life anew by going Primal. To establish personal accountability, he started a blog and decided to post updates every single day of his daily workout, nutrition plan, and blood glucose levels.

David’s last weekly weigh-in was 5 months from his start date, and he has reduced his weight by 72 pounds – his lowest weight since age 16!  More importantly, his Primal lifestyle has been so successful in managing his glucose/insulin levels that he’s been able to dramatically reduce his need for diabetes medication.  In fact, he’s completely eliminated his morning dose of Metformin for 4 straight days!

David’s story is truly inspiring, and he’s even helped cheer us on by posting helpful comments to our blog.  Be sure to stop by his site and post some words of encouragement.

Keep up the great work David!


About Scott Ewing

Primal Blueprint enthusiast living in Chicago. Twitter: @scewing
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3 Responses to Friday’s Primal Success Story – David

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Excellent post! David has been super inspiring for us here, and we appreciate when he stops by to comment and share his thoughts and encouragement.

  2. davidisfat says:

    Holy Cow! Now, I feel like a celebrity.

    Thanks to the well-wishers, and good luck in good health to all,

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