On The Road

Not too long ago my girlfriend and I decided to spend a weekend at her family’s house at the Jersey Shore. I was a little worried about what I was going to do about food. Sure, I could always rely on nuts and fruits, but I didn’t want to spend my entire weekend eating that. Obviously, I didn’t have to.

We arrived a little late, after several hours of traffic and a thunderstorm. We didn’t eat anything on the way there, so we were pretty hungry. I wanted some seafood, and Ally was talking about this one restaurant that was featured at a wine magazine, so we went there. The restaurant had an incredible assortment of fried foods and other seafood goodies, but we settled for stuffed mushrooms (with crab meat), grilled fish (also stuffed with crab meat) and a lobster cream (granted, the sauce was not very paleo), steamed broccoli and a salad. Everything was great, and besides the lobster cream, also pretty healthy.

I woke up a little late for breakfast, but there was no shortage of bagels and other types of breads to choose from. There was also cereal and other breakfast food. Instead, I went to the fridge and dug out some eggs, cheese and ham and made myself an omelet.  It turned out really well, and it was enough to carry me throughout the day.

I was going to go over the weekend’s menu, but that’s unnecessary. My point is: you always have options. Even if the menu says all dishes are served with fries, chances are, your waiter will be happy to change that for some veggies. Another great option are salads. Even the greasiest bar will offer some type of salad in their menu, and the last two salads I had at a bar were actually pretty good.

Some restaurants make it pretty easy to order primal. Chipotle, for example, is a great option. Just order a salad instead of the regular burrito. Tasty, filling and healthy! Just skip the rice, corn, sour cream and cheese. You could even go to an Italian restaurant and find a primal alternative to pasta.

To wrap it up, be creative, and work with whatever options you have. Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter to change a dish in the menu – they will not be offended! Just be sure to ask for something that is within reason, like swapping one side for another that is also on the menu.

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10 Responses to On The Road

  1. Good post. I started the challenge 9 days ago and I thought I would have some trouble because I was at a catered conference for 5 of the days and I ate out due to travel, etc, 3 of the others.

    Breakfast was easy: Almost all restaurants serve eggs and meat and were happy to sub veggies for potatoes and toast. As it turned out, the catering company made my choices easy. At lunch and dinner there was always a salad and usually a meat and veggie. On the days where there were wraps for lunch, I just took the tortilla off of the outside and ate the meat/greens inside of it. Of course there was pasta and other things I couldn’t eat, but I never went hungry.

    For other days eating out, BBQ restaurants and diners were great. With some creative ordering I was able to eat primal with little stress.

    • Bob Ewing says:

      Great job Chuck! What inspired you to start the challenge?

      • My motivation is the desire to lose weight, gain muscle, and have more energy throughout the day without chugging coffee and eating candy. I decided to take the challenge because I wasn’t moving towards the goals by just sitting around thinking about what I should do about it.

  2. davidisfat says:

    A little planning, creativity and adaptability is all you need…well said!


    • Bob Ewing says:

      Excellent point David! How are things going for you now?

    • geezerguy46 says:

      I like your blog, however, it’s name no longer appears to be representative of its author!
      Your documented efforts are truly inspirational.

      • Bob Ewing says:

        Down 72 pounds! That’s outstanding. I agree with geezerguy that you’re an inspiration and your blog excellent. We’re excited that you’re helping us to stay motivated!

  3. davidisfat says:

    My pleasure…Any help I have given, has been more than returned to me from the others on this path.

    Good luck in good health,

    • Scott Ewing says:

      Just took a browse through your website. We’ve got a lot to learn from you! Keep up the great work & please keep us updated on your progress!

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