Falling off the wagon- cheer me on

So- I had a wedding, and another excuse, and another excuse… today I begin anew, committed to the diet.

An interesting thing happened as I fell off the wagon…

  • I started watching what I ate.
  • I started watching what I drank.
  • I stopped eating crap.
Now I have only lost 7 pounds, but I feel MUCH better.  Maybe this is how paleo is supposed to be.  Tonight its beefsteak, 100% paleo for dinner, let’s see if I can commit… cheer me on
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6 Responses to Falling off the wagon- cheer me on

  1. Go Scott! Let’s do lunch next week!

  2. Dan Ewing says:

    It is not always easy,Scott, but it sounds like you are marching in the right direction. Sometimes we all get a bit disoriented and go a little off path. But once you get this Paleo thing locked into your head, it will bring you back on course. KEEP ON TRUCKING!

  3. scottdworkin says:

    Thanks guys- last 2 meals have been 100% paleo. Banana for breakfast. Steak last night with onions, peppers, mushrooms. Two more meals and I will have made it 24 hours!

    • Bob Ewing says:

      Great job dude! Alright, how’s this for an August plan: Once a week we have dinner together. Either your place or ours. And once a week you and Antonie have lunch together. What do you guys think? Our weekends are booked, so we can pick a week day.

  4. Scott, can you come down to 12th and L on like Weds? I usually can afford to step out for 30 minutes…

    About the banana for breakfast. That is a good quick option, but if you can throw in some protein like a boiled egg or some beef jerky, that will be even better! Try to get as much protein in as possible, especially at breakfast.

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