Standing desk

After reading Antonie’s post, I was inspired to give a standing desk a try. It is definitely not as fancy as her iMac on a bookshelf. Here is a picture of my jerry-built desk:This is only day two, but I can feel like my muscles are working to keep me up! If anything, at least I don’t feel as lazy anymore!

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5 Responses to Standing desk

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    This is awesome Fernando! It’s inspiring to see you continue to make improvements and kick butt. You’re going to be in super shape when you return to Brazil in February. You’re gonna look like a taller, more badass version of Bruce Lee.

    Keep up updated on the standing desk! I’d be curious to hear what you think in say a week or so.

  2. Scott Ewing says:

    Nice work! Let us know how long it takes for your legs to get used to it…

  3. I used to work at the computer store on campus, and I’d be standing for 6 hours straight. Your legs never really get used to it. I know I will always feel sore by the end of the day. But to be honest, I feel exhausted after sitting the whole day. I would rather feel tired for standing than exhausted for being sitting.

  4. Awesome! I think yours looks super cool.

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