Almost at the 1 week mark

The first time I heard Bob talking about paleo diet I thought it was for nut jobs. I mean, how could I possibly give up pizza, pasta, bread and sweets!?

It turns out its actually pretty easy to do that; and this is coming from a guy who does not (or should I say did not) eat vegetables, salads or fruits. I have completely changed my daily diet; and even though its been less than a week, it already feels good.

I took on the challenge because I needed to completely change my habits and needed the motivation to do that. It turns out that following the primal diet (I can’t completely give up dairy…) is a lot easier than it sounds.I have been having a great deal of fun discovering tons of new foods and things that I enjoy (broccoli, baby greens…)

I just took all the measurements last night, and for the record, today I weight 227lb and WHR of approximately 1. I am looking forward to posting better measurements in a month.

– Nando

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2 Responses to Almost at the 1 week mark

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Awesome post Fernando. You’ve been really kicking butt and it shows. I look forward to seeing the pictures of the meals and watching you get hyper-ripped!

  2. scottdworkin says:

    keep going fernando I am only on day 2 and going good!

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