Lunch Today



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On twitter @DCBarefootRun. Media guy for libertarian law firm by day, primal/paleo (rocking climbing, BJJ, barefooter) by, well, lunchtime...
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8 Responses to Lunch Today

  1. scottdworkin says:

    yum. I am doing steak for dinner.

  2. Bob Ewing says:

    Awesome! Did you buy it already? Or are you going out? Steaks are great. Neal and I each bought one of these yesterday. He cooked them both last night. Antonie and I ate a little over half of ours last night. I took the rest to lunch today.

  3. Antonie Hodge says:

    Banana is bruised.

  4. T.O.M. says:

    Steak & Avacado look great, banana has brown spots….YEW! Maybe a green salad or even just some Romaine leaves would round it out nicely

  5. T.O.M. says:

    LOVE that group photo on your Banner!

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