Why Exercise Makes Us Feel Good

A recent study provides some intriguing new clues into how exercise intertwines with emotions, along with the soothing message that it may not require much physical activity to provide lasting emotional resilience.

Moderate levels of exercise seem to provide the most stress-relieving benefits!



About Scott Ewing

Primal Blueprint enthusiast living in Chicago. Twitter: @scewing
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One Response to Why Exercise Makes Us Feel Good

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Great post. According to the piece, small amounts of exercise provide real benefits in just a few weeks. And not rigid programs, but simply moving as long as we wish.

    This ties into our first principle: Spend time outside everyday. Whether you’re walking or playing or just enjoying the sun for a bit, you’ll be reducing stress and enjoying yourself more. Plus, outside in the sun, you’ll be getting some important Vitamin D.

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