Eggs Scrambled With Homemade Kimchi

After I read Scott Ewing’s post on trying kimchi, I decided to make some. I used Dr. Ben Kim’s recipe, minus the fish sauce. It is super east to make and pretty delicious. I suggest trying it out.

I gave one jar to my parents, one jar to my girlfriend Amanda’s parents (who lived in Korea for a few years), and I kept a jar:

I ate some of the kimchi plain as a side dish, and it was pretty tasty. I was looking for something else to do with it, though. A lot of recipes call for mixing it with rice, which just will not do for we followers of the Primal lifestyle. So, I decided to scramble it with some eggs.

The result:

It may not look like much in my low-quality cell phone photo, but it was delicious!

I drained a few forkfuls of kimchi, sauteed it for a minute in a hot pan, then turned the heat down and cracked in a few eggs and mixed it all up, letting the eggs cook until they were to my liking. Make sure your cook the kimchi first, or else your dish will have a salad-like consistency. That is no good, unless you like that sort of thing.

Next, I plan on throwing a bunch of kimchi, chicken, and various vegetables in the slow cooker for dinner. I will post a recipe when I decide to make it!

Head over to Mark’s Daily Apple to read his take on adding fermented foods to your diet.

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4 Responses to Eggs Scrambled With Homemade Kimchi

  1. Great kimchi recipe – I love that stuff. I started an 8 wk fitness challenge sponsored by my Crossfit gym, so I’m trying do a strict Paleo diet – well, give or take a few meals. The other day, I made Korean veggie pancakes but paleo-ized it a bit using almond flour rather than white flour. The kimchi would be a great component to the dish!

  2. zestybeandog says:

    I love Kimchi! I’ve never made my own but I’ve been to Korea and have tried serval varieties, I plan on trying to make some soon! I have some recipes on my blog (like Kimchi Fries) but I used store bought :)

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